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Surface Grinding Machine
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Shandong China (Mainland)
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  • Condition: New
  • Type: Surface Grinding Machine
  • Place of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland)


The M73 series horizontal shaft rotary table grinders is the newly developed grinders .


The M73 series horizontal shaft rotary table grinders is the newly developed grinders which is made by our plant by absorbing modern grinders structuer and technolog of domestic & ocerseas.The rotary tables diameter is 400mm to 1000mm. For the overall arrangement,the  table rotates on the motive carriage. The carriage reciprocates longitudinally on the slide way of grinder bed. The geind head moces vertically along shaft. The surface of table can be adjusted 3 for the purposeo of middle concave &conevex on the grinding surface.The workpiece of external & internal taper can be grinded,The rotary tables diameter is 125mm to 2200mm. For the overall arrangement, the table rotaes fixed on the slideway of grinder bed. The carriage reciprocates longitudinally on the crossbeam. The grind head moves verti- cally along carriage. The grinder features in compact structuer.reliable precision,excellent workmanship and convenient operation, The emery wheel is grinded on the peripherb.which the high parallel of the two surface of wotkpiece can be obtained .This grinder is widely used in precision making of cirular part valve plae saw plate and milling cutter in the  tool factory ,bearing factory, air comperssot factory and ordinary machinery plant.

The bed , shaft, crossbeam and carriage of M73 series horizontal shaft rotary table grinder are allpied for resin sand casting technology. The material and strenth is superiot. The table carriage and horizontals sldeway. On bed adopts one Vone plane hydraulic slide. Smoth movement .shake absorbing /Grind head and verti cal slieway on shaft are adopted rolling structure of quench hrdening of steel .They feature in good touch stiffness , high motion precision, light moving .sensible eas lubricating and long life The purchasing parts of shaft bearing, ball scerw, rolling element and electric parts are all the products of famous brand,. The operation of grinder is applied for electrical PLC control. Mechanical transmissinon and high level of automatic .ln the feed system, it includes the grind head vertical auto_feed rapid up & down ,per-select of feed data. Dimension control of zero stop, sparkless grinding . left end of table moving . automatic magnetic fading and protection of magnetic losing / The motion of table rotating ann reciprocating are driven by motors frequency conversion.

The reciprocating motion of table carriage is driven b gear wheel and ball screw. The rotating og table is dricen by speed reduction mechanism with speed changing function. The rotating speed and longitudinal feed speed can be automati-cally converted according to the changing of grinding dianmeter of parts.

The grind head is supported by multi-C grade rolling bears and is driven by motors of load and mutual pack with good touch stiffness an totating precision. Customer will chose various hydraulec grind head of high precision.

The feed system system adopts hydraulic ratchet fot manual and mehanical feeding with flecible and easy operation. The circulat slideway of table adopts throttle static pressure slideway with hydraulec slide lubrication and shake absorbing and steady moving.
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